April 14, 2014

The Real First Day of Spring

On a gorgeous, wonderous day a couple of weeks ago, the weather was so promising that J and I decided to have a date day. Spring had technically arrived, but we'd yet to feel true warmth in the air. And as you can see from the picture below, the trees still looked barren, with no buds in sight. That day, there was no hint of winter lingering in the breeze. I was shocked, realizing that there was a part of me that thought spring may never come again. We were determined to make the most of it.

First stop: Sree's food cart for lunch. I didn't take a picture of my food, but did take this picture of my beautiful necklace for the first day of the Vegan Cuts Instagram contest. It was a really fun contest and I loved following everyone else's posts.

Sree's has two storefronts, but I like going to the food cart when it's nice out. For $6, you get to pick 3 of the 4 vegan options of the day over rice (there's also one chicken option, but that's no option for us!) and a piece of pita bread. They were out of bread that day, so they gave us all 4 of the vegan options. Since I stay away from gluten as much as possible, I was really happy to get a little bit of extra gluten-free food in exchange for bread!

Afterwards, we took a leisurely walk which which ended with bubble tea. I haven't had bubble tea in a long time. Since it was almost 80 degrees (unbelievable!), I decided to get my tapioca pearls in a fruit freeze. I got lychee and J got mango. Mmm, lychee.

We walked a little bit more and explored, catching a really nice view overlooking the East End. 

At this point it was dinner time, but we were still full from Indian food. Instead, we took Tucker to the dog park so he could play. There were almost 30 dogs there at one point! It was way more crowded than I ever remember. Tuck had a blast as always.

That night, it was still warm outside, and we couldn't think of turning in early. We took another long walk with Tucker, this time zigzagging through our neighborhood, and long story short, this little guy followed us home!

He was lost and instantly attached himself to me. My search for the owners was fruitless, as was the scan for a microchip. After a week of no progress, I spent another week acclimating him to a new home (not mine, though I was so tempted to keep him). I'm working on documenting the story, so look forward to many more adorable pictures. Welcome to our family, Pepper!

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