May 03, 2013

Citrus-Kissed Hibiscus Cooler

It's funny how quickly a bad day can turn around when it seems like it's here to stay. I woke up with cramps and bad allergies, I misplaced something that I really need, and I had a couple other minor snafus. I thought, "It's a good thing that it's 75 and sunny outside, or this would be a real stinker of a day."

My allergies were revved up in my decluttering fervor yesterday. I have so many things I've been carrying with me over the years that I never got to sorting out. After a move, I was always waiting to repack everything because I would soon move again. I've moved 8 times in the last 8 years. It looks like J and I are staying put for the time being, and so I decided to dig in and get my hands dirty.

While decluttering has been very therapeutic, some of the things I was sorting out haven't been touched since they were packed up from the dreaded mold days. I thought I'd cleaned or thrown out everything from that time in my life, but I guess I was wrong. I must have kicked something up because some of my allergic responses have been uncharacteristically sensitive.

I can see (maybe you can, too) that the act of physically decluttering might mirror some of my emotions that I'm storing. I'm one of those people who is nostalgic for nostalgia even when it comes to the not so nice things. I like to remember. Since my healing journey began, I've been working on being more in the present moment and letting go of the past. Don't we all occasionally need to kick up the mental dust of times past and suck them away with a hepa-filtered mind vacuum?

Besides my practice of living in the present, I am aching to amp up what the "present" is for me. I take joy in my self-care, but now that things are improving so much more, I am ready for so much more.

It took one email to change the entire day. There are some magnificent things brewing. Luckily, I have some time to let it all sink in. After having so little change in my life for several years, taking steps forward is really scary. Good. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, I'm on the right track. I can't wait for J to come home so we can dance around the house together because my delightful squeals are confusing the heck out of Tucker!

To celebrate the shimmering, awesomely electric vibes I'm feeling right now, let's toast with this colorful hibiscus cooler!

Citrus-Kissed Hibiscus Cooler
makes 8 cups

8 cups of water
2 Tbsp + 2 tsp hibiscus tea (mine has hibiscus and blackberry leaves)
1/2 orange, sliced
2 droppers of orange stevia, or to taste
orange slices to garnish

-Fill a pitcher or container with water. Add the loose tea (or appropriate amount of tea bags), orange slices, and stevia, and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

-In the morning, strain the tea and return the tea to the pitcher.

-Pour tea into glasses and garnish with orange slices (either in the glass or on the rim).

-Sip away (preferably in the sunshine) and enjoy!