January 16, 2013

Resolutions and a Glimpse of What's to Come

It's mid-winter and it was 70 degrees here last weekend. At this time of year, I'm used to donning a heavy coat and boots to trek out into the snow- and ice-covered city. What did I do Sunday afternoon? J and I took Tucker to the dog park and we wore t-shirts – yes, t-shirts. The occasional warm day in winter isn't all that uncommon, but this has been the norm this time around. It's so strange, and I am grappling with a sense of disorientation. It's as if I am in another world. This is my city, but it's not. As J says, it doesn't feel like a particular existing season, but an entirely new one. It reminds me of how so many migratory animals have been disoriented due to false seasonal changes and global warming – although their disorientation can bring far graver consequences.

Strange feelings aside, I find myself in a unique position in terms of plans for 2013. At the beginning of each previous year, I usually had big plans to look forward to or a defined project on which I'd focus my attention. That's not the case this year. J and I share a desire to vacation in the same place, but we've not scheduled anything or talked it over in detail. I've also been taking some preliminary steps towards some exciting educational beginnings in my future, but nothing is concrete yet. While having specific events to look forward to is so beneficial for my adrenal fatigue, not being bound to anything clears space to manifest anything my heart desires. And, manifestation is a magical thing!

As far as resolutions go, I'm not a New Year's resolution kind of girl. I see no difference between setting a goal for myself on January 1st and any other day of the year. In considering goals for myself, I choose a time when I need it most instead of a designated day that I am supposed to do it. I made a list of goals for myself on my birthday last year (which is ongoing), but I also made a smaller goal list in December which focuses on my daily activities. A few of my daily goals include exercising (in addition to any walks/runs with the dog), eating mindfully, playing piano, meditating, and writing. I don't stick to it rigidly – there are enough things on the list that it is virtually impossible to do it all on a busier day – but I use it as a guideline. It's been improving my mood and has made me much more productive. Even when I don't get all of the items checked off, I am more productive with the other things that fill my time.

Cheers to a beautiful year, one that's fresh with promise!

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