November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Transformed: Part 2

This is a continuation of Thanksgiving Transformed Part 1 which can be found here.

Note: I had the text of this post finished and silly me didn't transfer Thanksgiving pictures  onto my computer from my phone yet. Of course, I woke up to the most ridiculous phone problems. All of the pictures that I took just before and during Thanksgiving are lost. Thankfully, I very recently got an Instagram account and posted a few pictures on there, and J provided the picture of leftover stuffing and mashed potatoes. So, apologies for the lack of pictures of mouth-watering vegan delectables. Lesson learned. In the grand scheme of things, it's really not the worst that I could've woken up to. 


This Thanksgiving was better than any year before. Vegan Thanksgiving times two! I've never had a full vegan meal for Thanksgiving, so this was very special. J, my loving partner of 5 years, had been inching toward veganism over the summer and recently committed to it fully. Color me stoked when he told me he wanted to go all out and make a full Thanksgiving spread of vegan food for dinner at his mom's house. I was doubly enthused when my dad expressed interest in making a vegan Thanksgiving meal at his house. Two whole meals of veganized Thanksgiving specialties? I'm one lucky gal. 

On Wednesday, we made our meal for J's mom's house. As I mentioned, I never tried a Tofurky until last year. Replicating meat in my meals was never a huge deal. In fact, the more it tastes like meat, the more it freaks me out. J, however, enjoys vegan meats and wanted a vegan turkey, and so we bought a Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute for the dinner. J also made the most amazing mashed potatoes (his nephew said they tasted just like cheese mashed potatoes even though there was no vegan cheese in them!), creamy pasta alfredo, mushroom walnut stuffing, gravy, and pumpkin pie. In the morning, he also picked up a fresh baguette from the french bakery to go with the garlic confit he made. His mother made some corn, broccoli, and sweet potatoes that we were able to enjoy as well. It was the first full Thanksgiving meal that I had since I was a kid, and it did not disappoint. J did such an amazing job cooking his first vegan feast! 

I woke up the next morning and didn't think I could look at another piece of food again. I am not used to eating such heavy foods, nor am I used to such quantity. Nevertheless, early on Thanksgiving day, my dad came to our house and he, J, and I cooked the morning away. Once again, we bought a vegan turkey to share because both he and J were interested in having one. We got the Gardein turkey this time. We also made roasted root vegetables, sweet potatoes, cranberry relish from here, this apple pie, cinnamon ice cream, and the pumpkin filling from this recipe with a pecan date crust. We also brought along leftover mashed potatoes and stuffing from the day before. My uncle also surprised us with a vegan side dish that tasted amazing. It was a simple dish of cauliflower, green olives, and chickpeas with a little bit of oil and cayenne. I had a beautiful picture of this. Alas, the description must suffice!

We feasted like kings and queens (J and I for the second day in a row), and the two days culminated into the best Thanksgiving we've ever had. For me, this holiday has evolved into an opportune time for vegan activism at the dinner table. Some people in my life are already eating vegan for their entire meal and others are now open to sampling some of my fine vegan cuisine. Next, I hope for a 100% vegan Thanksgiving. No turkeys allowed! I don't think that will happen anytime soon, but at the same time I've learned from last year that I should expect the best of people. You never know when they'll be open to trying vegan foods or hearing about nutritional benefits of a vegan diet. Who knows, maybe they'll even open their hearts to the animal abuse aspect of the holiday and experience a whole shift in consciousness. I am choosing to dream big!

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