July 21, 2012

A Vegan Love Fest: On Social Media and Animal Advocacy

In my first post, I mentioned the tendency for introverts to shine through the means of social media. Well, the ubiquitousness of social media facilitates this strength even further. People are able to broadcast their message widely without having to partake in nerve-inducing events like public speaking engagements or fast-paced back-and-forth debate sessions. While it's important for introverts like me to work on being as effective as possible when conveying my message in public, it's nice not to have to rely on this form of interaction all the time. As I was putting the finishing touches on my blog last week, I tuned in to a free online summit. A common piece of advice given was to not underestimate the power of social media in the quest to end suffering, cruelty, and the devastation on this planet.

Veganpalooza was a free summit organized by Steve Prussak of Raw Vegan Radio and Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet. It was a week-long vegan love fest chock full of confidence, spunk, inspiration, and nuggets of wisdom. Prussak's Rawpalooza summit this past winter was fantastic, and I was certain that he was going to throw another great event. Well, it was more than great. 

I want to again highlight something that was said by virtually every speaker: We compassionate vegans must take advantage of social media. I am so thankful that someone like me who isn't tech savvy can occupy my own dot com space to voice my concerns about the injustices done on and to this planet. It's been hard to find my place presently in the animal rights movement because of my physical limitations. (Thank you, adrenals.) Luckily, writing on this blog is something that my exhausted adrenals can't stop me from doing. (Take that, adrenals.) With my words here, I am doing my part. Not my only part, but the one I am capable of right now. What kinds of things are you doing right now to shape a better world?

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